aha, Has Violent Movies Nominated For Best Picture

aha, Has Violent Movies Nominated For Best Picture

Do you like watching Tamil and Telugu action movies? The Tollywood industry produces the best action movies. If you like watching a good action sequence in your movie, then you must surely watch kuruthiaattam, trigger, and suttupidikkautharavu.

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Plot of kuruthiaattam

KuruthiaattamIs an action thriller movie. The movie was written and directed by Shri Ganesh. The plot of the movie is About an attender in a government hospital. Shakthivel Also plays Kabaddi in Madurai. Deep into the plot, it is noticed that he befriends Muthu, who is the son of a local mafia. Shakthivel Experiences the wrath of Arivu. Watch the movie to know more about what happens next and how he deals with the tough situation.


Plot of Trigger

The plot of the movie Trigger presents our son, who tries to save his father, who was presented as an ex-policeman. His father was put in a tight spot that was caused due of a tragic incident with a kidnapping case.

Watch the movie to know how the son saves his father and puts him out of his misery. Trigger is a powerful and entertaining movie that viewers surely enjoy. If you enjoy watching such movies, then hop right onto aha.


Plot of suttupidikkautharavu

Suttupidikkautharavu shows how the people of a crowded Colony located in Coimbatore City pass through an excruciating time as a couple of heavily armed criminals enter the locality. The Gunther and to the locality in order to escape from the clutches of cops. The movie has a kick start to itself at the beginning, which viewers surely enjoy. If you enjoy watching fast-paced movies, then you must surely watch suttupidikkautharavu for your entertainment. 

Watch the Best Action Movies on aha.

Is action your favorite genre in movies? Then you must love watching Tamil action movies. Watch kuruthiaattam, trigger, and suttupidikkautharavu, the recent addition to the aha platform. You can find the best and the hit action movies of all time on aha.

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